If you are an estate administrator or executor…you’re in the right place.

The estate problem

Being an estate administrator has a lot of moving parts and can be an emotional time. Maybe you lost a parent or sibling. Maybe a loved one is moving to a new home. Besides all the emotions associated with this stage, you have to get “stuff” out of the home to prepare for a transition.

We all tend to accumulate lots of possessions, junk, and “what if I need it” items. This can be compounded if your home has been lived in for several years.

Meaningful or personal items are easier to manage. But what do you do with the rest? Maybe a garage sale, auction or donation run is the answer. But there is usually a large amount of stuff you just don’t know how to get rid of.

Why Veteran Hauling

Veteran Hauling has helped a lot of estate administrators remove unwanted items. And we can help you. Let us do the heavy lifting and save you the time, energy, and stress of having to deal with it yourself.

Our trained team will help you evaluate everything and provide a no-obligation quote that includes everything you need (truck, labor, tools/equipment, disposal fees etc). Once you agree, we get to work so you can check off this headache (and backache) from your list of things to do!

Get started

Just call us at 812-900-HAUL or book an appointment online.

Don’t go it alone

Don’t spend precious time and energy on something that will bog you down. This can be a stressful time. Don’t add to your task list. You don’t want to be left cleaning out a house, basement, garage, shed, or attic on your own!

Your benefits

Let Veteran Hauling do the labor, so you don’t have to. We’ll meet you at your convenience to help you manage the process. You won’t have to lift a finger and we’ll take care of everything in a timely manner. Our trucks are large enough for any estate. We can accept estate checks, credit/debit cards or cash. A receipt for the estate administrator will be emailed for your records.

Veteran Hauling pricing truck

Our truck is the equivalent of over 6 pickup trucks.
No matter how big the load is, our junk removal company can handle it!

We take care of all these for 1 easy-to-manage price.











Get in Touch with Us

Still have questions? We would love to answer them! You can get started on your junk removal appointment by calling us, visiting our Contact page, or emailing us. If you’re ready to book right away, you can even use our online booking tool!


5 stars
A great Company. Fast and on time.

Tim Z, Home owner

5 stars
Excellent value and neat, clean and fast work! They cleaned up a storage shed for me. Removed all items, cleaned and swept the entire shed. They put back all of my items and only removed the junk I specified.

Leslie B, Home owner

5 stars
They were prompt, courteous and very easy to work with. Their price was very reasonable. They hauled heavy junk away.

Jim C, Home owner

5 stars
Brian removed an old projection tv that has been sitting in my basement for years collecting dust. Fast, prompt, reasonably priced service. I’d definitely recommend.

Todd S, Home owner

5 stars

Chris B, Home owner